Download Any App at the Apple Store


I realized, while I was browsing on an iPad waiting on repairs, that there is a major opportunity available that Apple isn’t taking advantage of in their stores. That is the ability for someone to pick up an iDevice on display at an Apple Store and download any app…

It seems very simple, but as a customer I felt like downloading an app was somehow discouraged. This is something Apple should actually encourage. If I couldn’t experiment with browsing the App Store and physically feel what it was like to install an app, how likely was I to do this on my own personal device at home? Secondly, if someone already owns an iDevice, what reason do they have to pick up a display model in the Apple Store, or even visit the Apple Store aside from repairs etc? This simple thing would encourage someone to go back to the Apple Store, after they have purchased their device, just to download and try any app they found on the App Store.

Apple loves to put their products in peoples hands as a way for them to feel the experience before they buy. I have also heard people say “there should be a way to download apps as a ‘trial’ before they purchase.”

As a developer, I know the whole process of apps being tied to someones Apple ID, the developer agreement, and “the way things have always been” suggests that this can’t be changed. I think that ‘trial’ versions of apps will never work… but within the Apple Store this is a very real possibility, and a major marketing opportunity that can’t be missed.

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